Planned Projects are games that have been drafted for future development. For a Project to be planned, there are a few requirements:

1. Plans and even some resources have already been made for such projects.

2. I have officially stated in some capacity that i will make it.

3. It's been named and documents have been made regard whatt it will be.


Current Projects are games that are being dutifully worked on as of the present moment... Typically this is one or two games. Currently it is just one game that is taking up the vast majority of my time. The game is known as: Fantasia: Surreal Cosmic Progeny- Sometimes shorted to Fanta or simply Fantasia. I've also seen F:SCP used but I do not personally use that shortening.


Completed Projects are games that have been completed to a degree I personally am happy with. There are a couple simple requirements:

1. Release Trailer Made, and the main story of the game complete.

2. Downloadable from at least one public page on the internet.

3. I have personally seen to it's quality and approved it.


Benched Projects are games that have been worked on to far too much to be considered merely conceptual. These are projects that have been put on the backburner due to Current Projects requiring focus. Requirements include:

1. At least one Video on my Youtube channel demonstrating the project.

2. A decent amount of art assets and work done in the editor.


There are many games i have thought of, but none of these have had any confirmation that they will exist. Requirements are low:

1. An idea that sounds good on and has indeed been put down on paper.

2. No really decent artwork or work in the editor has been done yet.

3. The project is not a planned project.