Website Overhaul!

I did lightly foretell that more changes would be made in favor of making the website a more awesome experience, and so here we are! I've made it 100% cuddly with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and now in |EXTRAS!| is a fan art gallery! (We have quite a lot so it's nice to be able to at last pay tribute to all the wonderful people who keep taking time out of their lives to bring us joy!)

The Homepage has also been largely reworked to be more clear on what the crap you're actually here for and now it won't be hard to tell that this is the home-base of 'Bizarre Monkey' where as before it was always a bit nebulous. In fact one of the questions we got in the dysfunctional and now defunct ( ^_^ ) Let's Chat! gizmo is "what's this?" from a visitor, however I was unable to respond before they left and you can't send a message back to a visitor who is offline, so I'm like "Okay wow clearly I'm not being very transparent on what this website is all about!" so I'm doing what I can to fix that!

Speaking of, you can now use the email at the very tippy-top of the page or the new |Contact| page and its form to send me questions or mail. This should prove to be a LOT more reliable.

As for the game progress, Fantasia has gotten a huge projectile_sprite overhaul which should make development of boss-fights in the future very easy and non-confining. Far as players go this will only offer slight cosmetic alterations or some minor cosmetic fixes.

I've also been doing some clean-up to writing in parts of Disk 0 and Disk 1 and retuning the music so it isn't so quick to snap off and on. Speaking of music the OST is coming along well, with only about 11 tracks left for the Demo 2 content. All but Four Sprites are done, Portraits are behind but getting there. Additionally, the voice acting for the FS11 and FS12 cinematics is near all done. In fact I'm just waiting on one line from Tristy's VA. I've decided to leave the Lyza voice acting as is because Zeirt is having technical difficulties and her VA due to the flanger sounds easily distinctive. Sacreblu's Voice Actor KittyHiPur has resigned some time ago, life taking over her schedule, but thanks to a joyous new recruit- VeryRandomButterfly, we have a very suitable replacement.

Esperia's Lines are done, as well. Kate Holden as ever is an absolute legend and a joy to work with.

FS11 is one voice file from being complete. (And some mild audio-tuning.)

FS12 needs only it's music track now, but that may be a while.

Once more of the portraits are in my possession I'll be making a new trailer, but that may also take a while. I haven't gotten to work on the actual Tristy Boss fights yet, but I've got almost all of the assets ready, it's just a matter of finding the right time and vibe and not being burdened by a shitty flu.

It won't be too long now, friendos! Fantasia Demo 2 draws ever closer!

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