The Livening

While existent, this website has only been in a remote pocket of flashy stasis while I made sure I could afford a domain and a plan. Creating a website, even through the generosity of wix, can be a big time consuming thing. And it was, albeit fun for me because i have a borderline-autistic love for making things flashy and garish. Unfortunately, the site is highly flawed, and currently due to the large image load, actually temporarily crashes my graphics card on loading. The screenshots are too many, so one of these soon days I'lll likely gut 80% of them. And instead append a separate achivium where the unmannered horde may settle and collect glittery dust.

So, to those wondering either 'what the fuck is this website??' or 'what the fuck Biz you made a website??' I can answer, but lets start with that the plan initially was to try out wix, and had some spurious events not transpired I'd have not dared, especially not at the premium price, but! I was persuaded, mostly by my own recent successes in administration, to give it a go.

So a couple weeks back i watched a video by MrBeast called 'attempting the impossible maze' which was sponsored by Wix, enamored with the idea of trying out essentially a less locked and modern version of blogger, I decided to give wix a go- and, I sorta really liked it. Creative control but guided by an angelic tutelage. I still wasn't sold though, and even keeping in mind that I'd recently started a discord group and had done fairly well in regards to it- the price was too steep.

But Wix GOT ME with the half price sale, so I'm like okay 49 dollars for a year of premium membership, this might be worth it.

And so I actually bought it while i was out west visiting family, now I'm back and no longer exhausted, I decided to go forward. As of writing, the domain has been set in motion to be in sync with google, and chances are by the time you at home reading see this, our website will appear in the search results.

It's no secret that I suck... SUCK at marketing, and at website design I'm even worse. So I just went with our slogan, all the cool promotional art I could use and slapped some crap together. My avarice for the show cost me some... space, however. As i said, the site could use some express trimming. The navigation is simple and functional enough, but that wall of images is near endless. It's even worse for phone users, the plan is to use a different design or cut the screenshot gallery entirely.

This website does certainly give the vibe of the crazy chimp collective and our creative concoctions the light deserved though. I think my favorite part of the website insofar is the game scrollamajig. Currently i don't have personal pages, so i just link to an external page where i know I'll reliably be able to keep track of things, it may stay that way- we'll see~

Suffice it to say, I've work to do, but with my partners in chimpy crime, we got this!

-Biz out

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