Music Mixup Merry-go-round!

Been a while since I posted here! My own site and I can't even devote to that! Annnyway~ The good news and also bads news is that the Soundtrack for Fantasia has changed hands as of recently. Max M. Dominora has been hassled by Life to far greater of a degree to commit to this project, which is a shame since he had over half of the OST done, but neve fear! I plan for every eventuality!

Now Onboard our composer is the legend who composed the soundtracks for Menagerie: Remastered, Intelligence 314th Clash and Perseverance Full Clearance, in otherwords, he's back on the board and has already conujured three strong pieces, with a fourth in its demo phase!

But don't take my word for it! See for yourself the grand eminence of these themes. I'll admit I'm a touch nostalgic for the old OST and i doubt Im the only one. But this game cannot wait, and nor can max's real life hardships, so I've let him take a vacation for as long as he likes to get his stuff in order. it is possible he may be back for another sound some day.

Track 01: Into Fantasia

Track 02: My Sunshine

Track 02(B): Pride of the Green-coated Grandmaster ~Ace Pupil

Track 09: My Lifeblood

(Coming Soon!)

In Honor of the new version of "My Sunshine" as composed by Jake "MoneyMenace" Gamelin, a new album art was drawn for the piece.

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