Massive Fantasia Progress!

It's been a while since I relayed info here, the first thing you may notice is that the layout has changed a little- this was to make the website a little more passable on mobiles. Future updates are likely to be made in pursuit of keeping the site easy to navigate and accessible.

Fantasia has some big news, so now that I've covered the website, let's move onto that! 1. Fantasia Demo 2 may very well release this year, hopefully on 9/9 but possibly later. 2. In terms of progress, the whole team is making incredible headway-, the Pixel Artist Xiie, is the closest to done, with Jake, our composer, coming in second. Pj falls in last, though he is getting things back on track, and has shown himself more dependable lately. 3. I myself have not whole lot left to do. Outside of one boss battle, the main story content for Disk 0 through to the end of Disk 1 is complete, including cinematics. Much of the optional content in form of optional events is done as well, all of Disk 0 is complete, as is a lot of Disk 1. Space Exploration is largely untouched, but I'm leaving it until I finish the main scenario and on-course optional events.

So that's progress, once Pjcr gets some more portraits done and i finish the final main-story boss battle expect a decent trailer before too long. The goal right now is to have the game ready by August 8th, then work on marketing for the last stretch. I don't know if that is how it will go or proceed, but that's the plan.

So what's the plan for future releases?

I could simply not answer this, but there's no need to be vague, nothing is set in concrete but my idea is that there will be one final demo before the game's big release build. Demo 3 will be much like Demo 2, it will have all the new features like defending, optional events, space exploration, gear progression and so on- there'll just be one Disk more of it. Disk 2 will become available. Wherein unlike Disk 1 where you spend much of the time just around Earth, Disk 2 will spread your wings a fair bit and really encourage and mandate you to travel through space. The Disk will start with you blasting off to Zen Aneia, the Kitsune Homeworld, from there Galaxia, Byteopia and more will be your main story locations.

Then the Release will contain Disk 3 and Disk Δ, as well as Time Ever After which will have several optional superbosses and some other neato stuff. Demo 3 may be honestly completed within the year of Demo 2's release, depending on resource delays. Mostly by Demo 2's finish all core mechanics will be implemented, and only additions and combinations will exist from then on out, which will make implementation of future content simply a matter of resources and not so much grand overhauls on things.

The release will take quite a long time after Demo 3, as it is two disks of content in addition to a post-game sorta scene, which I've never really done before.

So after Fantasia, what's next?

Many ideas are vying for dominion of the next hotspots, but I'll be splitting games between artists next iteration, which means i can make two games simultaneously more or less.

1. Crowfeast: Saga of the Sepulcher Creative Developer and Designer: Bizarre Monkey Artist: Xiie Soundtrack: Jake It's been a pretty well received idea, it centers around the quest of Mira Crowspeaker and her fight to survive in a world which has not shown her kindness.

2. Intelligence: Multi-Vitamin Creative Developer and Designer: Bizarre Monkey Artist: Pjcr Soundtrack: Already Completed It was a fairly logical progression to put Pj on board for this one, this will be the be-all end-all build of Intelligence, remastered in MV with widescreen resolution, much more fluid impactful story and artistic coherency.

After those is anyone's guess, but there's a clear reason for why this game is being finished prior to Intelligence: MV, firstly completing Fantasia will net us the majority of resources we already needed, and i can apply my animation techniques learned from Fantasia to make the varying cut-scenes the new Intel will require.

Crowfeast: Being closer to a hybrid of Fantasia and a platformer, will be useful for future game ideas such as Trust (Tristy's prequel) and Intelligence MV might share its treatment with Menagerie a long way down the path, but we'll see. Other ideas include

Seraphim: Erotic predator simulator with a wholly female cast.

Exile: Remastered in MV using a custom battle system not unlike the one in Fantasia, only with more emphasis on environmental destruction. Unlike the original it'd also be released as a full game. Flight: A story about Fyori and then Mad, which will also go into a bunch of Spriteopian lore. Beyond: A game focusing on Yi and Wi's plans beyond the simulation. Due to the nature of causal spoilers this game is unlikely to come out until well after Fantasia has been completed. Bizworld (PH): Western Divinity-style game where you make a your own generated hero and more and take them on adventures, it takes place after an apocalyptic event that effects the whole cosmos. This will come after even Beyond most likely to to its ambitious scope. Resolve: Rolly's prequel, styled like an ol' school beat em up, only with some more complexity to keep it feeling fresh.

Laughter: Limbo's prequel, not sure what exactly it will entail yet. Quasiroyal: Tiramisa Game

So yeah... we got options, lel.

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