HAPPY 3.14!

If you access this site from the 13th to 15th of March 2019 you'll be met with an... interesting splash screen- that will autoplay a video where you see some previews of whats to come with Fantasia among some Live Action from yours truly. It's our Sixth Anniversary as the Crazy Chimp Collective, formed on March 14 2013, exactly two years after Intelligence was released on March 14 2011.

Unfortunately, due to how much Fantasia has grown, I've not had much chance to work on much else! However we did get a lot of really kind and nice gifts this year, as people seem to dig Fantasia as a concept and as a game~ I'll make a new post later with a sizeable gallery of the fan art and other contributions we received.

There will be one more Wallpaper added to the EXTRAS! page, too.

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