Foresooth- I have created a website!

It will be essentially homebase for the CCC's updates, creations and so forth.

I suppose there may be some questions. Fire away!

Q: What is the crazy chimp collective's purpose?

A: To make your day just that bit more gosh darned awesome, without charging you a cent! See, to us. Joy should not be something behind a paywall, joyous times should be free and fun!

Q: Do you have any sponsors?

A: No.

Q: Non Profit organization, how does that work? Especially for something as typically cost intensive as making games?

A: Everyone contributes free of monetary motivation, everyone who works for the CCC does so for love and want to help create a truly great and awesome experience. CCC work is unpaid and completely voluntary. We spend hours upon hours making these things, but it's fun, it's what we love doing.

Q: Who is the leader?

A: The one they call Bizarre Monkey is the closest thing the CCC has to a leader. He's the project manager, head of game design, and usually manages storywriting, systems, and quite a lot of the marketing.

Q: Can I borrow one of your artists? A: Up to them.

Q: What game engine do you use?

A: More than one, but we vary between the MV Engine, Smile Game Editor and Game Maker Studio.

Q: How long have you been making games?

A: Since I was 11 years old, to give some context, I'm 30 as of writing.

Q: You don't look like you're 30?

A: Keanu Reeves doesn't look like he's 54.

Q: Are you immortal?

A: I am not exactly in a good position to find out.

Q: Wait, so you make games and give them out for free!? That's mighty noble of you, is it truly for solely altruistic purposes or is there some hidden agenda to it?

A: Maybe, but if I told you it wouldn't be very hidden now, would it? I do mostly do things for an entirely altruistic purpose, I myself was largely impacted by video games as a small kid, and I always have wanted to evoke them feels to others with games I create.

Q: Why free? You could easily make buttloads of money off this, you're definitely in that kinda territory.

A: I'm not gonna answer this here because I spend 14 minutes of a Q&A podcast explaining all the reasons why, so I'll give you a link for that:

Q: I have a question! How can i have it appear here?

A: Just respond in a comment with your question and I'll be happy to add it along with my answer.

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