Fantasia Milestones ahoy!

Might be the second boss of Disk one... shhhhh. :0

Good news everyone! I've just completed all of the content for Disk 0 and tested it as well as fixed any issues that arose. To give you an idea of how much optional stuff there is to do beyond just inspecting dumb goofy shit around the Vahnus Estate...

All these optional events!

To clear some stuff up, there's only one event on Day 4 because it is a Day where you solely play Lilac. Meanwhile there are none for Day Five because that whole day is spent uncovering a big conspiracy and distractions can't be afforded. A lot of these are chains, such as the Koko centric storyline event, and you have to do the two Dark / Darker Union events to unlock The Immoral MESSENGER- a boss fight without equal, it is difficult, intense and exciting. Not even Kyoshi + Yasondre's battle Royale (which you unlock by defeating Kyoshi and Yasondre seperately on Day 6) comes close.

Currently the only attainable God Charm, equipped on the right character it can make for a mean meatshield.

Now with gear progression and charm tiers, i can suitably reward handsome effects to players who manage to overcome these challenges. There's also a hidden one for defeating Yi Hellrider on Day 7 and you do get suitably rewarded for it.

So now I'm up to Disk 1, I've already done the Pep and Svoli fights, leaving Kara, Rolly, Tristy and Lyza. As well as the ever creeping story that gets darker and deeper as you go. I also want to make most of the planets have a 'land area'. Thankfully having past games a lot of this will be quite easy. I also have some optional events planned for a few of the outer worlds- such as Tekerlek and it's usual piradical shenanigans.

There's also going to be a big epic cinematic to close off Disk 1, much like there was FS06 (Playthings No More) to finish up Disk 0.

And I'm afraid it will be just as if not more destructive~ Such is the price of angering an Embodiment.

Thanks all for your support and embellishments... I won't let this game fall behind.

When Sun Shrinks in Distant Skies... Beware the Demon with Triangle Eyes.

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