Biz-con 2019

It's like 2016 all over again!

Except THIS time i had my trusty cameraman Curtis, so we could get footage of a motioned sort, rather than just still photos!

And so with a whole three computers on the floor, we have some good times, this was Curtis' first time seeing me do this, take unreserved computers and attract swathes of crowds, it felt bad that as a result some people's game were getting no attention at all, but the game making market is an incredibly competitive one- met up with some old friends, like Sam, Ratu Currie and some other top-of-the-line fellas who were graduating their final year. I wasn't with them because I don't have a body physically capable of keeping up with the demands and rigors of such study. Ratu saw my game and was like 'damn dude, you did all this?' And then I could admit i had a team now and was very proud of them all! Me, Xiie, Pjcr, Jake and you might as well add Fusegu now, as he's made two plugins for me on comnission and more are on the way. More news coming very soon!

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