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Shoutout to MrBeast for piquing my curiosity in this video of his: Attempting The Impossible Maze

Oct 11, 2018


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Edited: Oct 11, 2018

I'm the second member and I love being tortured by deadlines

Oct 12, 2018

I think that's probably a requirement for the CCC, lmao.

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  • Hey all, if you're here you probably already know who I am, if not, I'm the guy who makes games for fun. I'm the founder, head of design, character designer and storywriter / worldbuilder of the crazy Chimp Collective. I also am the Project Manager. But enough about me, there is a time and place for a grossly oversmug post about how I am great and all, but this be not it. You can feel relieved that I won't yet subject you to that manner of asinine horseshit.

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