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Shoutout to MrBeast for piquing my curiosity in this video of his: Attempting The Impossible Maze

Oct 18, 2018

Massive Progress Milestone on Fantasia


Disk 0 is more or less completely finished! Optional Events, Story, areas and all.


Gear Progression also just got a lot more involved, now with the Addition of Grand Charms and God Charms, I foresee a lot of interesting character builds as more becomes available.


The Good news is that Disk 0 has about EIGHT hours of content, and thats the games introductory PROLOGUE! EIGHT HOURS! THATS AS LONG AS MOST OF MY GAMES GET!?


But see, there is a nifty trick, it can take 1-2, or as many as 8 or 9 depending on how involved you get in Optional Content and just the story itself. I was shocked to check my save file from Yesterday where I was playing through, and maybe i was being super analytical... but even if it was truthfully 5 or 6 hours... thats a FUCKHUEG amount of gametime for what is essentially an act without a number.


And let's keep in mind that since I'm the developer I usually ace bossfights on my first try, might take two or three with surreal difficulty fights, which means people who are new to the rigmarole will sink even more time on those.


It's a nice change of pace from having next to no gameplay to having enough to cover 5-6 hours, granted, some of that is just scenes and dialogue, but still!

If it takes too long I may release the fully polished Disk 0 and some of Disk 1 for Christmas so as to see if it gets high approval, or I may release Demo 2 on Christmas if I'm lucky.


Pjcr is working on getting his butt in gear, Radiant is doing sprites as I speak- and Pjcr has a lot of work done, and just hasn't had the means to get them to me. The reason for the difficulty is that he gives me sai files which are typically 5000 or more pixels high and several thousands of pixels wide. He also lives in the phillipines which isn't know for it's internet speed. He did manage to get me one though, before his laptop battery died yesterday, the new and improved Esperia Frostwhisper, who looks more damning and sexier than ever~


He's also over the past few months gotten me files here and there, The crossed arms poses for Kyoshi and Yasondre, as well as Sacreblu's varying poses which I just yesterday took the time to implement into the game.

You can see all the events in the latest blog post... or follow me on twitter for a much more in-depth look.

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