In a small distant world three young girls are raised to the cusp of adulthood. Before long they discover the Sun giving light and warmth to their world is shrinking, and before they know it are plunged knee-deep in a grand-scale conspiracy with twists and turns and all kinds of cryptic meanings that later come to try and sink them to the abyss of slavery... not in any hurry to give away their freedom, the girls fight back against a power supreme and terrible.

Hello all, I am Remilia, or Remi-chan. I used to go by Bizarre Monkey. I am here to bestow upon you a project with a whole lot of heart, endearing and charming characters with relatable problems and mindsets, who are forced into an epic and thrilling adventure with the highest stakes one may imagine. Death? pfft, that's for babies. Erasure- now that's a terrifying prospect! Along the way they will encounter new friends, challenges and adversaries as they work to fulfill their own purpose!

There are two primary gameplay loops.
And Combat
Combat is a fast-paced fluid slurry of color mechanics, bullet-hellish projectile spawning, tile-based intense active time action. You can attack, skedaddle, defend, switch friends and use your Ennui Empowerment, a special attack with unique benefits per character.
Dialogue is pretty much what you would expect, with smooth flowing letter by letter wording, animated bust images and high-tier writing.


From now on you accept everything that happens.

Reading the Crazy Chimp Collective Tolerance Advisory is your only protection.

Your soul may be damaged in the integration process.

You are responsible for your consciousness.

You are expendable.

You have no rights.


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Shoutout to MrBeast for piquing my curiosity in this video of his: Attempting The Impossible Maze